Gabriel and Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Danielle Ellan Brown, pronounced “Ellen,” and I enjoy working in a variety of mediums. I am also very passionate about creating awareness for mental illness and using art for healing. With my artwork I explore synchronicity, relationships, patterns, and the greater meaning of life events. My “artistic genes” come from both sides of my family. My father is an upholsterer, my mother is a quilter, my grandmother was a painter/seamstress, and my grandfather was a photographer.

I found my love for digital art, design, and all things handmade while obtaining my BFA in Visual Communication Design from Hartford Art School, University of Hartford. I currently reside in Enfield, CT and can't imagine living anywhere, but the New England area.

About the Company

Danielle Ellan LLC is an online boutique that specializes in creating art for memorable events and celebrations. Products include designed files, digital downloads, and artwork. Services include customized designs, teaching, tutoring, and consulting.

Danielle started drawings, patterns, and concept ideas for her brand as a senior, while obtaining her BFA in visual communication design. After the birth of her son she decided to follow her dreams and open her own business. The root of the company is Danielle’s decorative illustrations which can be applied to multiple product lines, like apparel, textiles, home decor, decorations, and paper products, like stationery or greeting cards.