Fall Baby Shower Invitations and Decorations

Fall is my favorite time of year, the crisp air, the smell of cider donuts, the colorful leaves...

My son was also born in the fall. Therefore, it's also a great time of the year to have baby showers and birthday parties. Here is a collection of my baby shower invitations and party decorations, which you can also find on my Etsy Shop.

Little Pumpkin Party Decorations
Little Pumpkin.jpg

Wounded Warrior PTSD is Forever Accepted Into Show

My art piece Wounded Warrior - PTSD is Forever was accepted into the Embracing Our Differences Exhibit. Over 10,000 people submitted from 115 countries around the world. Less than 50 were chosen, which means less than 1% of those submitted were accepted into the show. This exhibit will be on display at Island Park along Sarasota's bay front. The show runs from April 1 through May 31, 2017.

This is the video that accompanies the art piece.  

For more information please visit Embracing Our Differences.