Make your own Harry Potter Potions for Halloween!

Harry Potter book collection - check
Harry Potter DVD collection - check
Harry Potter costume - check
Harry Potter potions - check

Who doesn't love Harry Potter? I mean seriously! 

So, I found these really cool Harry Potter printables and we made our own potions for Halloween. It was super easy and fun! We are now going to make potions as a family every year. 

Click Here to download the printables. You can also search my Pinterest board here, which has Halloween ideas

I also had fun pinning a large selection of free printable graphics. Click here to view more freebie graphics.

I went to my local Goodwill Store - shout out to Goodwill in Enfield, CT. I found some great potion bottles. I've also seen great ones at tag sales, consignment shops, and of course craft stores. However, I think the craft stores are overpriced for this project, they also don't have the aged look. 

First we made the potions. The Pepperup was my favorite, which was a mixture of prunes and water. We used food coloring for a lot of the potions and pretty random things, like balsamic dressing. My boyfriend Brian tried to make sure the coloring matched the books as much as possible. 

We then put the labels on with double sided tape. I think they would of looked better with modge podge, but maybe next year. 

So overall the things I needed for this project included:

  1. Stuff to make the potions, which could be anything really
  2. Food coloring
  3. Jars, vases, glass containers for potions- work the best with cork screws or tops
  4. Double sided tape
  5. Printables
  6. Modge podge (recommended) 

Send me your pics! I would love to see how everyone's came out.