Rice and Beans Sensory Box

During my son's playgroup I discovered that he was fascinated with their sensory table which always has really cool stuff in it. Therefore, I decided to create my own sensory box. I call this rice and beans!

landscape rice and beans box
rice and beans sensory box up close
rice and beans sensory box depth of field up close
rice and beans
rice and bean another angle

It was super easy to make! I had an extra long storage container under my bed that I was not using so I just filled it with some rice and beans. What's nice is that since it has a lid I can tuck it away, like under my bed, or just close it if I don't want him to getting into it.

Since my kitchen is on the larger side I had room to leave it in there also. However, I found that the living room worked well too because we have hard wood floors. All we have to do is sweep up the rice if any escapes out.

I hope it was helpful sharing this! I put "sensory box" items on Gabriel's Christmas list this year so hopefully there will be more posts with updates soon! Thanks for reading! 

Danielle Ellan