Explaining my Brand - Part 1

So, it occurred to me that not everyone understands what I do and what my brand means to me so I thought I would create a mini series on Danielle Ellan LLC.

First and foremost, there are many facets of my brand like design, teaching, and art. With all my work I focus on one main thing, exploring synchronicity and exploring the greater meaning of life events, big or small.

For this first series, I will be explaining why I chose my fonts and how they work within my brand. 

pacifico font

You may of noticed this font in my headlines and for my logo. As seen here...

Danielle Ellan Business Cards

So why did I chose it? Pacifico reminds me of the beach, the found memories I have growing up sailing, tubing, and sitting by the ocean. The water is always my happy place and makes me more calm. 

According to google fonts:

Aloha! Pacifico is an original and fun brush script handwriting font by Vernon Adams which was inspired by the 1950s American surf culture.
Happy Summer Danielle Ellan

To me the Pacifico font also has a vintage feel that is also a little retro and casual. Since my brand colors also reference beach colors, I thought this font is perfect for my brand.

So, onto the second part. The second font I chose was Josefin Sans and also her sister Josefin Slab. I use Josefin Sans for my body copy mostly and sometimes in all caps for headings or sub headings. I use Josefin Slab for quotes or important bits of information that needs special attention. Why?


Josefin Sans font brand book Danielle Ellan
follow me Danielle Ellan


Josefin Slab Danielle Ellan Brand book
Finding Meaning Everyday mission Danielle Ellan

Well, Josefin Sans has an elegance to it, but is also very readable, and somewhat vintage like, especially for titles. It's no wonder because according to Google Fonts:

It is inspired by Rudolf Koch's Kabel (1927), Rudolf Wolf's Memphis (1930), Paul Renner's Futura (1927). My idea was to draw something with good style, that reflects Swedish design and their passion for a good lifestyle, and by default all other Scandinavian styles.

To me Josefin Slab has a bit of sophistication to it, like "Look at me. I'm Important."